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Petition for Constitutional Convention

I created a petition calling for a new Constitutional Convention on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov. That attempt failed to gather more than a handful of signatures, however I remain convinced that bold action is necessary to rescue our nation.

Here is the text of the petition that you can use to try again to get the attention of the White House should further events continue to demonstrate that our government is no longer representative of the needs and the desires of the people it is supposed to serve. Clearly the government no longer functions as designed by the Founders and something must be done to fix it.

We Petition The President and The Congress to call and convene a Second Constitutional Convention for the purpose of drafting a new constitution for the nation.  The undersigned citizen petitioners assert that the federal government envisioned by and set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America has been gravely imperiled by conditions unforeseen by the Founders. Unless immediate action is taken, the survival of democracy and representative government in our country is in doubt.

We call upon all responsible executives and representatives of government to take such actions as may be necessary to convene a Second Constitutional Convention for the purpose of drafting a new constitution for the nation, to be submitted to the people for ratification with all deliberate speed.

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