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1.   All material submitted for publication on this site must be in standard digital format.  Text should be in MS Word-readable or Notepad format; photos in jpg, gif, or jpeg files.

2.   Substantive comments, criticism, and opinions are invited, but may not be acknowledged or responded to in all cases. If you like what you see on this site, please tell your friends.   If you don't like it, kindly tell E. Pain by sending email to: comments@usreconstitution.net.  E. Pain reserves the right to discard your submission, print or post it in its entirety, respond to it privately by email, or edit it for the sake of brevity and to remove profanity.

3.   Please remember that "brevity is the soul of wit."  If you do not say what you want to in the equivalent of ten double-spaced printed pages, your prospects of being published on this website are seriously diminished.  I do not wish to discourage anyone from writing The Great American Novel, but neither am I in the publishing business.

4.   Be patient.  There is only one of me to maintain several websites, and there are many of you out there.

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The Forum will be activated if and when the volume of comment and discourse indicates that a level of interest is present to sustain it.

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