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My Fellow Citizens:

This is the site that I hoped never to bring up.
It is my sad duty to inform you that our Federal Government is broken.  We who love this country have searched for a solution to the dysfunctional and gridlocked government; one that is attainable within the bounds of our current Constitution.  We search in vain.  All three branches of the federal government have now been hijacked by the power elite, and the careful checks and balances woven into the Constitution by the Founders are thus rendered irrelevant.  The power of the ballot box is little more than an illusion, as the first decade of this century demonstrates.  It matters not which political party prevails, as they are all beholden to the wealthy and the corporate interests that are happy to hire whoever prevails in the last election.  Representative democracy is naught but a memory as all branches of government no longer respond to the needs or the desires of the citizenry.  Nor will application of bandaids to that amazing creation of our Founding Fathers yield a successful return to a government of, by, and for the people.   A new social contract must be forged.  Please join me in petitioning government to call a Second Constitutional Convention to draft a new framework for our democracy that is relevant in the Twenty-first Century.

Within this site you will also find my first draft of a proposed new Constitution for The United States of America.  It is, like all documents written by man, imperfect and incomplete.  A new Constitution must IMHO be the product of our best and brightest in convention assembled, just like the gathering of brilliant minds that led to the creation of the original one.  It must also preserve those portions of our founding document that have stood the test of time and that still meet the needs of our democracy.  One must start somewhere.  With the greatest humility, I offer my proposal hereProposed New Constitution in the hope that a vigorous and civil dialogue will ensue.  Your comments are solicited.  Only in the collective wisdom of our society can we hope to find a path to a truly democratic United States of America, and fulfill the destiny of this great nation.

Your humble author,

Ernest Pain
August 2011

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